• What is the Best Method for heating Blount’s Family Kitchen Meals?


    Stove top: Remove the film seal. Pour product into a sauce pan and heat over medium heat. Stir occasionally to avoid burning the bottom of the saucepan and do not let the product come to a boil. Heat thoroughly (165°F). Carefully ladle product into a bowl, serve and enjoy. Avoid spilling or splattering the product to prevent burns.

    Microwave: Remove both the plastic lid and film seal.  Place container on microwave-safe plate for handling. Cover the container loosely with a paper towel or napkin. Heat on high 2-3 minutes (times may vary) until hot (165°F). Stir halfway through the heating time. Let stand 1 minute in microwave. Carefully remove the product by handling the plate as the container will be very hot. Avoid spilling or splattering the product to prevent burns.

    CAUTION: Product and container will be very hot!

  • The product I bought is refrigerated. Can I freeze it?

    We recommend you enjoy our Blount’s Family Kitchen meal right away and do not freeze the product for best quality. If you would like to freeze the product, place the original, unopened product container in your freezer prior to the use by date printed on the bottom of the cup. The product can be frozen up to 9 months from the date you placed it in the freezer.

    When you are ready to eat the frozenproduct, simply remove the container from the freezer and thaw in the refrigerator. Do not thaw the frozen product unrefrigerated by leaving it on the counter. Once thawed, follow the heating instructions on the container.

  • Are your Blount’s Family Kitchen meals ready-to-serve?

    Yes, all of Blount’s Family Kitchen meals are pre-cooked. Simply heat the product according to the recommended heating instructions and it is ready to eat.

  • Can I freeze your Blount’s Family Kitchen meal after it has been heated?

    No, we do not recommend you refreeze the product after it has been heated. The best way to store it after it has been heated is to let it cool to 39°F or less, then cover and store it in your refrigerator for up to 3 days.

  • Do Blount’s Family Kitchen meals contain trans fats?

    We avoid ingredients containing partially hydrogenated oils; therefore, our products do not contain artificial trans fats. In some cases, naturally occurring trans fats may be present due to ingredients from animal sources such as beef or dairy products.

  • Do Blount’s Family Kitchen meals contain monosodium glutamate (MSG)?

    We do not add monosodium glutamate (MSG) to any of our products; however, because Glutamates or Glutamic Acid can be found naturally occurring in many foods such as tomatoes, cheeses, yeast extracts, and more, we cannot say that all products are “MSG Free”. The level of naturally occurring Glutamate is far below the threshold for triggering a reaction in someone with sensitivity. The FDA requires any MSG added by a manufacturer must be clearly stated within the ingredient list as “Monosodium Glutamate,” no other alternative names are allowed.

  • I have food allergies. How will I know if I can eat any of your Blount’s Family Kitchen meals?

    We take food allergies very seriously at Blount Fine Foods. While there are no peanuts in our facilities, we do use coconut in a very limited number of our products. Coconut is considered a tree nut and falls within the FDA’s “nut allergen” category. We also have products that contain milk, eggs, fish, shellfish, wheat, and soy.

    We do not have a separate facility for processing items containing allergens; however, we do ensure that only the allergens labeled are present in the product, using the following measures:

    • Rigorous raw material traceability program.
    • Separate storage and preparation stations for allergen-containing items.
    • Equipment is thoroughly cleaned and inspected before and after cooking of allergen-containing recipes.

    We recommend you review each and every ingredient statement carefully before consuming one of our products. Please reach out to our Customer Care team by calling 1-800-274-2526 should you have further questions regarding allergens and specific ingredients.

  • I left a Blount’s Family Kitchen meal out unrefrigerated in the unopened, original packaging. Is it still safe to eat?

    Unrefrigerated product is not safe to consume due to food safety concerns. We always advise that our product is refrigerated at all times.

  • Are the plastic resins used in your packaging Bisphenol A (BPA) Free?

    All of our plastic bowls and cups use BPA Free resins. Our containers use polypropylene resin carrying the Resin Identification Code "5" for recycling purposes. Should you have a concern about the plastic container, we recommend the product be poured into a bowl to heat in the microwave rather than heating the product in the plastic container.

  • Where can I find the expiration date on your Blount’s Family Kitchen packaging?

    The “use or freeze by” date, along with our lot coding, can be found on the bowl rim just under the edge of the plastic lid. The “use or freeze by” date and lot coding is also located on the outer cardboard sleeve that is wrapped around the plastic bowl.

  • What is Nisin Preparation in your ingredient list? Is it considered a dairy product?

    Nisin Preparation is a natural antimicrobial and is used throughout the food industry as a natural method of extending shelf life, and is used in very small amounts. There is no food allergy risk associated with Nisin Preparation and there is no dairy in this ingredient. It does not contain antibiotics nor enzymes of any kind.