Blount's Family Kitchen Food Policy

What matters when it comes to making and eating good food

Blount's Family Kitchen is a family-owned company that makes fine foods that people (including our own families) love to eat. Our commitment to quality and safety has allowed us to earn our customers’
trust over the years.  We believe a food policy is only as good as the company creating and following it, and ours is based on core principles that guide our company as a whole:      

  • We strive to be responsible in all we do. Treating our customers, our consumers, our employees, our community, our suppliers, and our environment with respect really matters to us.
  • Simple is better. There’s no need to add unnecessary ingredients when our food is authentic at the source and stays authentic in the finished product. We aim to create home-style foods using only wholesome ingredients and minimal cooking techniques that retain flavor and nutrients. We want people to celebrate the joy of eating well.
  • Good people make good food. We focus our team on the cooking and preparation process. While we have automated many packaging and logistical processes, we maintain that only people can discern the right balance between culinary and creation. This is how the concepts of “artisan” and “crafted” come alive.
  • We do a lot of listening. The people who enjoy our foods are the ones who have final say! Our culinary team stays attuned to varied tastes, preferences, wants and needs – and offers traditional favorites
    and innovative products for an ever-changing marketplace.
  • We develop best practices for a sustainable world. We act with integrity and think for the long term in all that we are connected to, including ecosystems, food sources and the people we interact with.

Committed to Serving the Best Food

We are all about:

  • Providing delicious, premium-quality, safe foods that use simple, wholesome ingredients; preparing our foods using cooking processes that retain flavor, freshness and nutrients;
    and creating delicious recipes without artificial or unnecessary ingredients, additives or preservatives.

Meeting the dietary needs, wants and tastes of many kinds of people, including the health-conscious and those who restrict or avoid certain food substances (such as gluten, fat and sodium).      

  • Providing delicious choices that span health-conscious recipes to indulgent favorites – always using the simplest and highest-quality ingredients possible.
  • Constantly improving our track record for environmental and social responsibility and sustainability.

How we Put our Principles into Action

We ensure premium quality in our products by employing best practices – some of the most important are listed here.


We make good recipe and ingredient choices Our culinary team is passionate about creating a diverse menu of quality foods using the most wholesome ingredients available, and reducing ingredients to only those that are authentic and essential to the recipe.

We buy from trusted sources:

All of our ingredients come from appropriate and responsible sources. For example, our meat comes from suppliers who have earned certifications. We also seek to buy as local as is practical. Keeping it simple: All of Blount’s premium-quality foods start with the most simple (and most pronounceable) ingredient list possible. Using real ingredients and rapid, minimal processing retains natural flavors, freshness and nutrition. Artificial preservatives, colors or flavors, hydrogenated oils, monosodium glutamate or other unnecessary ingredients simply have no place in Blount's Family Kitchen foods. Sustainability and environmental responsibility: We have long understood our role as stewards of a planet that also belongs to future generations. That’s our view in working with suppliers who employ sustainable land-use and ecosystem management practices. We reduce our energy usage throughout operations by running our own solar energy system (annual output approximately 100,000 kWh) and using high-efficiency refrigeration units. Our Reduce, Reuse and Recycle program is another example of the ways in which we lessen environmental impact. We even share what we’ve learned so that our partners can do more with less. 

Social responsibility:

We act locally, supporting food banks and worthy charities in the Greater Massachusetts area. This not only helps those in need but also helps to eliminate food waste while benefitting our local environment.

Employee and food safety:

Blount is a Safe Quality Food (SQF) certified food manufacturer that stays current with all applicable government food and safety policies. Our modern facilities provide a safe working environment where our team members can contribute their skills and talents to produce food to high standards of quality. Constant improvement is part of Blount culture: We value the entire Blount team as a dynamic source for great ideas, creativity and progress. We are committed as a company to be enthusiastically open to new ideas and to continuously evaluate and adopt new practices and programs that prove to have merit.